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Taxes – We are fortunate to live in a state that has kept taxes low.  However, it is important to stay vigilant. We must continue to restrain government spending and leave more money in the hands of the people who earn it.

For ten years, I’ve owned rental properties in the Knoxville area.  Almost every year, I meet someone moving here from Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, or some similar state.  The reason for moving is universal, they can’t afford to live there anymore.   We don’t want TN to end up like these states where businesses and people are leaving due to over taxation.  I love where I live and will do all I can to keep taxes low so we can continue to enjoy our standard of living.


Education –  Technology is likely the most dynamic force our educational system has ever experienced.  It is more important now than ever before for our schools to be equipped with the resources necessary to keep our children ahead in these rapidly changing times.  To advance the future of TN children, our teachers in all grades must keep up with advanced learning methods that include technology of the future.   On the flip side, not everyone wants to be a doctor, lawyer or businessman and we must create extremely strong vocational paths for students who choose the jobs that keep America running.

For example, some of our local businesses have come up with a program called Ride and Decide. It allows young people the chance to tag along with trades people to figure out if they enjoy one trade or another.

Some kids struggle with high school. Not because they are not intelligent. They often are just not interested. Since education is intended to prepare us for life why not allow the kids to get high school credit for entering a program like this?

The benefits include; reducing the number of overcrowded classrooms; very little expense to the tax payer; businesses need the people; most importantly, a kid might figure out what they want to do, or not do, without going tens of thousands of dollars into debt for college.


Public Records – According to recent audits, some government agencies in Tennessee are making it challenging for people to access public records which can violate state law of open access.
That we have to pass a law to require government agencies to provide access to public records reinforces the fact that government has forgotten its place. Our government was instituted to serve the people. Not the other way around.

These agency managers that continue to impede the publics right to know should take notice. There is a rising tide against a high handed government. People recognize they are the ones paying for the salaries, the insurance and the pensions of the people causing the frustration. Its time these agencies recognize it as well.


Guns – In the constitution, the right to bear arms is second only to freedom of speech and religion. Our founders witnessed the need to protect themselves and secured this right for each of us to defend our homes. I believe it’s education and responsible gun ownership that help keep communities safe, not more gun laws.


Health care – The government is too heavily involved in healthcare.   While trying to “protect the consumer’s right to health care coverage”, they have driven increases that far the exceed the normal rate of inflation and made it completely unaffordable to the citizens of Tennessee.  This is a classic example of how government involvement artificially increases costs and reduces benefits to the consumers.

The last eight years of government intervention have been disastrous for the health care industry and even more so for the consumer.  I have watched friends and small business owners struggle to keep up with the out of control cost while just trying to take care of basic health needs.

It’s time to get government out of the way and return healthcare to the private market. Let’s sell policies across state lines, put an end to frivolous law suits and allow doctors to treat their patients without having to look over their shoulder.

Life/Values –    My wife and I are blessed to have both been raised by families who instilled in us the importance of hard work, strong character and faith.  As we raise our daughter, we want to instill these same values and leave for her a country that is stronger than it is today.

Government’s reach into in our churches, our neighbor hoods and our schools should be limited.  We know best how to uphold the values of our community, protecting life and ending funding for organizations like planned parenthood. As your representative, I will fight to uphold these values that I cherish in our community.  It’s time to put faith, family and community first again.

Regulation – I think we can all agree that some regulation is necessary.  No one wants to be taken advantage of financially or have our environment damaged through unrestricted pollution.

However, too much regulation from runaway bureaucracies is damaging to our economy, job creation and the ability to innovate.  It becomes a kind of web that stops people from creating solutions because they have been conditioned to fear what government might do to them.  Over regulation leads to stagnation and is harmful to innovation.  Regulation creates barriers for entrepreneurs who may be able bring a new product to market, create jobs or lower the cost of some existing good or service.  These things are good for all involved.

Immigration –   I had the honor of writing a letter of recommendation for a man seeking to become a legal US citizen.  We both agreed illegal immigration has become a huge problem in our country.  Many illegal immigrants don’t take the necessary steps to learn what this great country is about and assimilate to our culture.  To continue being a strong nation we must enforce the laws that protect our country and defend our borders.

Transportation – Tennessee has seen steady growth as a manufacturing state the last several years. Our location is ideal for receiving and shipping both raw materials and finished products. That is why it is so important to maintain our infrastructure.

In order to capitalize on the advantages low taxes and geography already provide, we must continue to maintain and improve our infrastructure. This will ensure the future of manufacturing in the state and the growth of the many industries that benefit from it.

Justin Lafferty

Phone: 865-300-9534


Conservative for State Representative

District 89

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